Getting (It) On: Family Values

Probing the annals of vintage gay porn

VHS released in 1997.

“When the man you’ve assumed to be your long-deceased father suddenly shows up in the flesh—and he’s a gay porn star—it can radically change your...

Sample Dialogue
Lyrics from the theme of the film
by Sharon Kane, who played the leads mother in the film: “Oh where, oh where, are they now? Are they twisted and distorted like a car that has been totaled? Where, oh where, are they now? Are they hiding in your closet like a dirty little secret?”

Fun Fact
The film is connected to gay serial murderer Andrew Cunanan, who is known for killing Gianni Versace in 1997 as one of the supporting cast members, Bryan Kidd, was his friend. Although reportedly “easygoing and cooperative,” Kidd was under FBI protective services during the filming of the movie.