QCC, 9.16.2016

Queer Creatives Collection is a weekly gathering of things made from people within the boy family. Consider this your LGBTQ marketplace, a place to support queer boys and non-boys alike.

Nik Kacy Desert Boots
A pair of luxurious, casual/cool kicks from a new LA based LGBTQ fashion line.

Oldham + Harper Great Outdoors Glasses
The gift that keeps on giving: Todd Oldham’s love of the modernist illustrator now comes in cups.

Pinups No20
After nearly ten years, Christopher Schulz’s new take on vintage gay pictorials has drawn to a close with issue twenty, featuring Akrum Salem.

Elysia Crampton’s Demon City
The follow up to her 2015 instant classic American Drift, the trans Virginia based musician has entered “epic poem” territory with this new release. Constructed as a tapestry of samples and sonic cultural ephemera reflective of American artistic runoff, this new LP is a dark, giggly reflection of our political bedrock—for better or worse.